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Title: American truck simulator

Genre: Pop, Simulation

Developer SCS Software

Publisher SCS Software

Date: 02 February 2016

About the game

Experience the legendary American truck and deliver various cargo across sunny California, Nevada areas, as well as the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. Americantruck simulator takes you on a journey through stunning landscapes and characters widely recognized around the mechanically based enteiramentemodelos success of Euro Truck and extended Simulator2sa new features, making the gaming experience more attractive FTC truck simulator puts on the seatdriver hire entry into the market for local transport, does not work your way up to become an owner operator, and eventually the creation of one of the largest companies in the Packaging truck model very detailed licensed oficialmenteDo icon truck manufacturer. Your truck is your new home. Yesyour cabin instead transport, paintjobs, adding tuningaccessoriili more powerful engine. Many different loads to choose: food hazards load machines. Various types of trolley trailer for marijuana, the site that Lovbois and Goosenecks. Trailer for longer (up to 53 meters) will challenge yourskills and patience during transport and duranteaparcamento. Deliver their loads with a rich variety of businesses and local refineries, oil depots, gas stations, car factories, or roadworks. different podešavanjaza enthusiasts simulation simulation truck brakesair; different types of brakes, retarder Jake brakes trailer; Various types of trucks transfer directly from the actual intensity of braking and more. I feel like a real cockpit: Adjust the seat, glass and position the head to get a better view of the road. Drive safely, respectrules and speed limits police will punish you if you are not careful! Make sure you do not deliver robuOverveight can confirm rocks. Use time as his personal advisor katulongsa during the trip. Experience the life of a truck driver for rent. By submitting loads safelyemellorar their skills, become the owner of your own business, be successful! Build your fleet of trucks, buy garages, hire drivers, the management company for maximum profit. Transportation better your time, listening to their favorite songs via streaming or your ugrađenogmuzikafavorite radio station. Get your favorite moment with the photo mode, which offers a rich conkuntoopcions editing. Great support for SteeringVheels, gamepad, and other input devices. Support for the life of the game, including new opportunities. Achieving challenging achievements and gather steamall commercial advantage TrucksTake steam taken additional features American Truck Simulator becoming part of zajedniceOnlajn World of Cars, our virtual center for truckers across the world who are interested in Euro TruckSimulator 2, and since American truck simulatorsTruck Simulator SCS Software. Use in-game Photo Mode that best sandals shared with people who love the image that you like and return to them at any time on the screen with all the customers the best pictures of the world Handpicked by the creators of games writing graph is updated almostsvakodnevno.Pokušajte screenshotsnesta to your list! Charge and use a custom avatar and soon has license plates! To participate in the Global Trucks, register Steam account to join the site. Must have or EuroTruck American truck simulator simulator2 to join the world of trucks is an optional service, registration of trucks in the world do not need to play.

system requirements

Minimum: OS: 7 64-bitProcessor Core processor GHzMemori 4GBRAMGraphics: GeForce GTX 450 class (Intel HD Graphics 4000) Storage: 3 GB of free space

Recommendedin OS: 7 64 bitProcessor: Dual core processor GHzMemori: 6 GB RAMGraphics GeForce GTX 760-class (2 GB) of 3 GB available

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