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CCleaner utility unwanted files and errors that for Windows PC (including Windows 10) finds and deletes. With a few clicks, CCleaner recover disk space and make your computer faster and more efficient aid.

Much of the optimization kit

CCleaner is the main cleaning function. quick scanreveals unnecessary Windows files and applications that you have installed and removed easily and efficiently.

CCleaner is a member of the Registry Windows registry dedicated to the verification of the integrity of the system in the configuration file. CCleaner more than a dozen, the type of error that you want to save the backupa copy of the registry scan and repair the one before.

CCleaner tool has a specific tool, as fast uninstaller, a list of programs that run when you start Windows administrator point and back.

The classic interface

To delete a file, click Scan and let CCleaner how znaotpadis collected. Another click on the Run button, and it will be right situation to drive.

CCleaner to canegokitu scanner to find and remove only what you want. The box includes the process and, therefore, sometimes, a little effort can make.

Registry Cleaner works in a very similar way, and alsoand errors that it finds. This information is quite technical, but if something is wrong, CCleaner offers a renewal of the previous backup.

As another simple Alatau little information is estimated ematen.minimalismoan While this is true, especially for busy interfaces to other fundscleaning.

depending on the situation

the availability and effectiveness of CCleaner depends on what you need. The privacy protection is very strong, but it is not the fastest scanning.

laguntzenkasu registry cleaner just rare, and the operation is limited by the availability of the latest versions of Windows.

removalTools are simple, but it works well, however, some podatkenetačnih and outdated data can be displayed as easy to remove by hand.

Contests as a cleaner in this category, where it is difficult to find a fair and effective programs, CCleaner aware of its simplicity and efficiency.

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