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Dota 2 is a fantasy action strategy for Valve – producers of steam.

Dota 2 is actually a sequel to the popular Warcraft III Defense of the Ancients, and although it was announced in October 2010, which was not published until the autumn of 2011 he was appointed to Dota Rhyngwladol2 tournament, where teams from around the worldfighting for $ 1,000,000 prize impressive. Note that DOTA 2 is only available for download through Steam, but it is available for Windows, IMAC.

Dota 2 will be based Nadi multiplayer game session. The goal of each team fortified citadel ywdinistrio’r their opposing team called “Oldfortress. “Each player who takes part in the battle that takes place in team defensive towers along the Avenue of the ways between the centers.

Gameplay transplantation ancient defense mainly. reoliei players to top-down perspective as you progress through 25 levels of play. Your mainJeda goal team defense towers or “old castle” is played in teams of five to p’yaty.Hravtsi accumulate more influence with the invasion of the most lethal players and get more experience, they galluogii progress through the levels.

fantasy action strategy game Dota 2 Valve first – do not lose.

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