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The Amazing Spider-Man web-slinging action packed 2 game starring everyone’s favorite arachnid hero.

Your friendly neighborhood game

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, based on the movie of the same name, is an open world adventure that enhances play the first match. You swing and dash through New York City,complete a series of objectives chapters.

naChudesniot Spider-Man 2 action is based on Bono darting over the city on your network, and then drops down to kick some butt or help someone in need.

A side missionsthat allow you to earn credits to buyitems or unlock new skills. Although he paid game, you find yourself having to make payments – or “grinding” at least repetitively playing side trips – to defeat protivniciSpecifichni progress through the story.

Many of the famous comics and bad guysThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 ffilmiaunodwedd, including electrical, poison, and the Green Goblin. The stories in each chapter are nice weaving around antics dastardly villain of the specific with the story mode is a joy to play.Country tours are fun at first, but they soon become repetitiveand boring, it’s frustrating when you have to seigra through them to earn money.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 includes “Arena”, which is a free-for-all fun romp has to defeat as many dihirodag you can before you die. Your performance will be measured against other online money towin.

Take control of Spiderman

Controls are Amazing Spider-Man2 is simple to master, especially if you play the first installment of the game. The lev side of the screen actsas a joystick, which allows you to move Spiderman in each direction, while the right side is usedfor looking around.

Button popup doubles as a web-slingingrheolaeth, a mechanism that can fly to the top of skyscrapers in the game, which is the easiest way to get around. It’s fun when you get out, but it may Diana networks takes some getting used to, and change directionduring a flight is particularly problematic.

Amazing Spider-Man fighting in-2 is based on three action buttons. These can be used to throw togethercombinations affect the deadly new moves are added regularly as Spider-Man power up your skills.

Just like the movies

naNeverojatniSpider-Man 2 will be beautifully presented and feel of a classic superhero console title. the Spider-Man is prepared and beautiful animation, whether it is flying through the air or socking the bad guys.

Although not nearly as precise as the land of the Grand Theft Auto games, the New York version of AmazingSpider-Man 2 impressive in terms of its scale and diversity.

the sinematigsgôrmuzikafits perfectly with the action, and the voice acting is a big improvement over the previous game. sound bites off the cuff Spiderman really cunning nature of the superhero, but his commentssoon to repeat what was funny, and often quickly becomes boring.

The play is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is perfect. frame error rate at times, and the game is laggy when many characters on screen at once. also it is a game that will give your battery gwirstraen.

The Amazing Spider-Man2 requires you to be connected to the Internetat all times, which is more common in modern games. Unfortunately, in my tests, I noticed a few issues regarding the game, which left hanging game or prevent loading. This seems a common complaint by usersand I hope it is an issue that will be addressed in the near future Gameloft.

edenMarvel for fans

Despite its quirks, Amazing Spider-Man 2 fans enjoy the comics and movies Spider-Man On. However, some people are understandably hit had to pay for in-app purchases to unlock itemsand increasing the paid game.

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